History of Casino Betting

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The word “Gambling” means the betting or staking of something for value with the risk or hope for gain, on the outcome of the game.

Online gambling means any Gambling conducted on the internet. It is also called as E-Gambling.

Legal Position:

Earlier, every state had its laws on gambling till the time “The Public Gambling Act 1867” came into force. Some states have adopted this legislation, while some of the states still have laws of their own. Sikkim & Nagaland are the first states to include the provisions of Online Gambling.

The act prohibits all kinds of gambling activities, but the absence of provision related to Online Gambling is a loophole in the act. However, the cases are decided based on whether the act is a Game of Skill or a Game of Chance 

History of Casino Betting

Types of Gambling:

  • Casinos: There is a large number of online casino games in which people play casinos game.
  • Mobile Gambling refers to playing games of chance or skill for money by using a smartphone or tablet with a good internet connection. domino 99 download is one of the examples of mobile gambling apps.
  • Poker: It is one of the famous gambling types. It can be played with players belonging to different nations.
  • Horse racing: Earlier, horse racing was done physically. It is somewhat new where you can now bet on the horses faster & accurately.

Online Gambling in India:

Online Gambling is illegal in the state of Maharashtra. According to the Income tax Act, TDS on winning from lotteries, crosswords, puzzles, card games, etc., and winning from horse races is levied @ 30%  as per sections 194B and 194BB.

However, its legality is still a very big question. The judiciary still has to cover a lot to break down the changing society and the existing laws.

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